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Wash Dry and Fold Hours: 2pm - 8pm Daily or ALL DAY on Sat and Sun

Wash Dry and Fold Services

We ALL have busy lives and want to spend more time with family and friends. Instead of spending a full day doing laundry, come drop it off to Bubbles Laundry Spa and let our team do the work for you. The full service is just $.90 per pound. Simply drop off your clothes during business hours, go spend time with your friends or family and we will text you when your order is ready. Our team takes great pride in washing your laundry. Service includes wash, drying, folding/sorting, detergents/softeners and bagging.

Self Service

Come visit our self service area with multiple washers and dryers.

Commercial Services

Bubbles Laundry Spa offers commercial services as well. Perfect for: Salons, Spas, Hotels & Motels, Vet Clinics, Nursing Homes, Auto Detail Shops, Police Departments, Massage Therapists and many more… CLICK HERE to learn more or call one of our professional team members to request a custom quote.

Why Choose Bubbles Laundry Spa?

Bubbles Laundry Spa offers a variety of things to make your visit as pleasant as possible. We have FREE WI-FI, Snacks, Laundry Supplies, Music, HD Television, Change Machines, Charging Stations, Digital Media, High Capacity Commercial Machines, Top-Of-The-Line Security (inside and out), Carts for Heavy Laundry, Relaxing Rocking Chairs, Friendly Team Members, CLEAN Facilities, Folding Tables and MORE!!!

We are the NEWEST Laundromat in Plainfield

ABOUT US: We’re a locally owned business that is committed to “getting it right” and serving our community with pride; we know that starts by having the right people on our team. Bubbles Laundry Spa’s customers return week after week and our laundromat attendants are KEY to that success! We are:

  • EXTREMELY clean with the feeling of being at home
  • Secure location with top-of-the-line security (Inside and Out)
  • Techy (FREE Wi-FI, HD TV’s, Charging Station, Snacks, GREAT Music & More)
  • FAST (Commercial Machines that Wash Fast)

Testimonials from our Customers

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