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NOW HIRING Laundry Attendant

FLEXIBLE PART TIME HOURS: Floaters, Nights or Days

Wash Dry and Fold Services are now FULLY ATTENDED 7am - 8pm!

ABOUT US: We’re a locally owned business that is committed to getting it right and serving our community with pride; we know that starts by having the right people on our team. Bubbles Laundry Spa’s customers return week after week and our laundromat attendants are KEY to that success! We are:

  • FREE Coffee to our GREAT customers
  • EXTREMELY clean with the feeling of being at home
  • Secure location with top-of-the-line security (Inside and Out)
  • Techy (FREE Wi-FI, HD TV’s, Charging Station, Snacks, GREAT Music & More)
  • FAST (Commercial SpeedQueen Machines that Wash Fast)
  • Washers and Dryers to handle ALL your Laundry Needs!
  • JUMBO 80lb Washer = 8 loads in just a little over 20 minutes
  • FRIENDLY Staff to help you throughout the entire process
  • Wash Dry and Fold Services starting at just $.99 per pound!
  • Fully Attended 7 days a week!
  • Plenty of Parking
  • Restroom and so much more!

Amazing Testimonials from our Customers

  • Savanna Robillard Avatar

    friendly staff (katie), clean, bright, welcoming environment, coloring books and blocks for kids to play with. will definitely be back

    Savanna R. 6/23/2019
  • Brianna Mayo Avatar

    So beautiful after the remodel, owner came and introduced himself! Extremely clean and very well priced compared to surrounding laundromats!

    Brianna M. 4/25/2019
  • Rebecca Maerkle Avatar

    Very clean, and staff are super friendly and helpful. Definitely recommend!

    Rebecca M. 1/14/2021
  • Samantha Horton Avatar

    Very clean and super friendly!

    Samantha H. 12/01/2019
  • Sasha Smallridge Avatar

    Nice, clean, and efficient, Tammy is a wonderful help as well! 100% recommend!

    Sasha S. 10/06/2019
  • Donna Burdick Avatar

    very clean, and the ladies that were working are very nice. Today was my first time an I am very impressed. Dryers are great, most place cost almost 2 dollars to dry an clothes are still damp. I would highly recommend this place. Please continue to be great

    Donna B. 10/26/2019
  • David Coombs Avatar

    very nice and clean staff is wonderfull great place

    David C. 12/31/2019
  • Sandra Clark Dickens Avatar

    Great service. Beautiful facility. Thank you Colleen!

    Sandra C. 5/06/2019
  • Cheryl Scaplen Avatar

    Very clean, met 2 of ladies that work there very nice and helpful, definitely will go back 😊

    Cheryl S. 11/23/2019
  • Heidi Breault Avatar

    very clean and friendly & helpful attendants

    Heidi B. 1/11/2020
  • Brianna Merchant Avatar

    Bubbles laundry spa was more than perfect. avery clean well cared for place to take your laundry to. I was very happy with the customer service provided very welcoming and cozy feel. while I waited only 23 min for 2 loads of laundry to be completed I was able to enjoy all the pictures and seat in a nice waiting area.

    Brianna M. 1/26/2020
  • Ashley Graveline Avatar

    This is the cleanest, most comfortable and inviting laundromat I have ever entered! The staff is absolutely wonderful!!!

    Ashley G. 1/03/2021
  • Lisa B. Cruz Avatar

    I have been doing laundry for almost 30 years, and this laundromat is the nicest, cleanest, friendliest and most welcoming laundromat I have ever been to in my whole life. I would highly recommend to anyone.

    Lisa B. 12/22/2019
  • Edie Rose Avatar

    Val is Great! Bubbles Laundry Spa is Great! Nostalgic and Immaculate! Highly Recommend!

    Edie R. 2/23/2020
  • Cindy Hart Avatar

    Very clean and quiet place .

    Cindy H. 10/23/2019
  • Nicole Dragon Avatar

    Awesome place! Actually enjoyed doing my laundry! So clean and pleasant, I will be back!!

    Nicole D. 6/10/2019
  • Kerilynn Johnstone Lewis Avatar

    Can't say enough about the great place they've created. I went there on Sunday to wash over sized comforters. Not only was the remodel decor welcoming, but the washers, dryers and laundry area was VERY clean. Even with construction going on. Doug helped to ensure I was getting the best clean for my items and had everything I needed.

    Kerilynn J. 4/01/2019
  • Rosie Thompson Avatar

    Bubbles laundry spa is a great place very clean organized and the owner is great and very helpful and welcoming


    Rosie T. 4/06/2019
  • Patricia Kehler Avatar

    The place was immaculately clean. The staff member was very friendly, sweet and helpful. The establishment was very welcoming and made you feel right at home. The interior design work was quintessential. A wonderful find.

    Patricia K. 1/02/2020
  • Kim Smith Avatar

    Very clean, safe environment. Washers and dryers were fast and worked very well. Reasonably priced. Happy to see a place like this in Moosup. Highly recommend.

    Kim S. 4/10/2019
  • Paige Collelo Avatar

    Went into bubbles tonight after work and was blown away by the new fresh look my uncle and aunt gave the place it looks amazing, great job guys!!! What a clean and home feeling atmosphere I will for sure be back! Nothing like fresh cleaned sheets and comforter😊

    Paige C. 4/01/2019
  • Wendy Laliberte Daniels Avatar

    We went last weekend to use the BIG washers to do our king size comforters that are too big for our home machine.

    Everything was great and the staff was super friendly & helpful! Definitely will be back!

    And FYI - the BIG machine was easily able to fit BOTH our king comforters in 1 machine at the same time! (They have 2 of those plus 2 others that can easily hold 1 king comforter at a time.)

    Wendy L. 1/18/2021
  • Alex Heroux Avatar

    Amazing experience! Impeccably clean and extremely kind and helpful staff.

    Alex H. 6/29/2019
  • Pat Loring Avatar

    nice new clean facility a pleasure to use

    Pat L. 4/04/2019
  • Angelique Aubin Avatar

    Katie was awesome made my time doing laundry go very quickly!! Nice personality and all around nice person.

    Angelique A. 6/25/2019
  • Julie Faucher Avatar

    Rosie is the best and actually makes doing laundry enjoyable. Such a beautiful laundromat and a great atmosphere. Super fast dryers make the process quicker. Awesome security and Doug make you feel safe even when no one is working. All around a fantastic place and I don’t entirely hate doing laundry each week!

    Julie F. 7/22/2019
  • Mariana Lomba-Palm Avatar

    I just visited Bubbles Laundry Spa for the first time today!! What a pleasant surprise! This was a very positive experience. Very clean, friendly staff and great decor!! Doug, thanks for having such a great establishment in town! 😁🧺☀️❤️☮️🇺🇸

    Mariana L. 7/08/2019
  • Dorothy Jarry Avatar

    Well maintained, beautiful decor, super safe. Doug is really nice and has pride of ownership. Great place to do your laundry!

    Dorothy J. 4/26/2019
  • Jaclyn Gunn Avatar

    This is the nicest laundromat I’ve ever been too!!

    Jaclyn G. 6/18/2019
  • Robert Jude Avatar

    This place is amazing and very clean. The owners were so nice! I highly recommend this place!

    Robert J. 4/01/2019
  • Brandie Chartier Avatar

    5 Stars. Awesome very clean, fantastic washers and dryers
    Also Rosie is so nice and helpful
    Found my new laundromat

    Brandie C. 5/17/2019
  • Crystal Hyland Avatar

    Absolutely love this place. such helpful people and so friendly, I'll be coming here every week instead of the place in central village where everything was going wrong.

    Crystal H. 12/26/2019
  • Jennifer Malbaurn Avatar

    clean!! very friendly service! Helped me out when i messed up lol! Highly recommend! support your local businesses please!

    Jennifer M. 4/11/2019
  • Jason Robinson Avatar

    clean, EVERYTHING works. nice little place. the attendant working at the time was Rose, and she was great! will definitely return!

    Jason R. 12/03/2019
  • Corinn Charlsen Avatar

    It was my first time ever going to a laundromat and it was a wonderful experience. The place is very clean and nicely decorated. Doug, the owner, introduced himself and assisted me with the operation of the machines. Very friendly and safe environment. I will definitely be going back!

    Corinn C. 9/18/2019
  • James Pierce Avatar

    Kati was the best. Highly recommend this establishment, great customer service.

    James P. 6/30/2019
  • Philip Balsam Avatar

    Owner Doug and his staff Deb and Kara are fantastic to deal with. They have different size washers for whatever size load you might need. Plus the laundromat is one of the cleanest I've seen.

    Philip B. 7/31/2021
  • Joey Winters Avatar

    Very clean! Friendly owner and employee!Highly recommend!!😃😃

    Joey W. 9/28/2019
  • Kristen Csere Delrusso Avatar

    this place is unbelievable!! so adorable, clean and the staff member was so welcoming. It is not your typical laundry mat, i highly recommend this place to anyone and i will definitely be returning. it doesnt even bother me that my dryer died because i can come here, such a nice atmosphere!! this place makes doing laundry not even feel like a chore!!

    Kristen C. 2/22/2020
  • Patty Graham Avatar

    we met the owner and a worker who were both very friendly. it's beautifully decorated and very clean. the dryers didn't take super long to dry (we didn't need the washers) we will definitely go again.

    Patty G. 7/08/2019
  • Amanda Proulx Avatar

    This is literally the nicest laundry mat I have even been too. The decor is adorable, it is so CLEAN, the machines are large and wash quickly!

    The attendant that was on tonight was extremely personable and a tremendous help! I showed up with 4 small children and 6 loads of laundry and was out of there in under an hour. (I have a dryer) she even helped me get it all to my car in the pouring rain!

    I will definitely return!

    Amanda P. 9/26/2019
  • Xann Roberts Avatar

    Super clean and cozy! Thank you to Rose who was very nice and helpful! ✌❤😊

    Xann R. 11/25/2019
  • Lori Setzler Avatar

    Nice to have a good size clean laundromat. The lady who was working was very tentative to every person who pulled up. if she was not busy she went out to help them carry their stuff inside. She came up to me outside to see if I needed any help. Then explained the touch screen washers. They have extra way, rinse ect..
    The size of the BIG washers and dryers are great. I used the 80lb dryer to dry my king size down comforter. it dried in 25 minutes because had plenty of room.
    They have a sensor to open the door when you walk up which is great with your hands full.

    Lori S. 1/18/2021
  • Matthew Levesque Avatar

    The best Laundromat in the area hands down. Thank You for the excellent service.

    Matthew L. 3/21/2020
  • Gail J Pierce Avatar

    Nice clean and curtious young lady working there.

    Gail J. 11/04/2019
  • Brooke Cantin Avatar

    So clean and friendly owner. I will be back 😊

    Brooke C. 6/21/2019
  • Jana Liskey Livernoche Avatar

    Don't have time for laundry or just don't feel like doing it? I highly recommend Bubbles Laundry Spa. They washed, dried and folded my laundry while I was home doing other things.. I got a text when it was ready - this is so awesome! The staff is very helpful and friendly. The laundromat is updated and very clean. I will definitely be back.

    Jana L. 4/20/2019
  • Becky Hewitt Avatar

    I recently used Bubbles Laundry Spa and was very happy with their service. My laundry smells wonderful and it was folded so I could just put it away when I got home. The facility is cute, charming and very clean! The staff was wonderful too!

    Becky H. 4/26/2019
  • Jess Hoyt Avatar

    👍clean, nice decor. friendly service

    Jess H. 7/10/2019
  • Bridgett French Avatar

    The nicest laundry mat I have ever been to... it is very clean and nicely decorated. Owner (Doug)and employee (Rosie) introduced themselves and were very friendly and helpful. I would highly recommend this establishment!

    Bridgett F. 8/07/2019
  • Jennifer Ngibuini Avatar

    I have been twice since the reopening of the central village laundry mat now called bubbles laundry spa. The owner and staff has done an amazing job here! It’s beautiful comfortable and convenient. So far I have met Lisa and Christine. They have been great and Christine is such a warm and talkative person. Her calling was customer service as she does a fantastic job at it. Nice job to the owners You have chosen an amazing staff.

    Jennifer N. 1/23/2021
  • Victoria Hayden Avatar

    My washer just died on me, which I wasn’t to happy about it. I was going to go near Franko which I absolutely hate. Until I remember this place. My mood literally made a 360 degree turn. The atmosphere is beautiful and clean. the worker there is so nice and helpful. Love the decorations! I will definitely be coming back! Thank you for the wonderful experience!! 👍 😊

    Victoria H. 7/17/2019
  • Amanda Sullivan Avatar

    Cannot speak highly enough of this business! The beautiful decor is a breath of fresh air compared to the drab, dingy atmosphere that is the norm of any laundromat. And the best part was the warm and friendly owners! Busy working on renovations and yet she took time to play games and occupy a few little ones. Of course not something to expect on a regular visit, but that warm and caring gesture left a lasting impression! I hate doing laundry, but really can’t wait to come back!

    Amanda S. 6/07/2019
  • Donna Bourque Avatar

    Clean building & machines. The staff is friendly and helpful. They clean the machines after each use. Handicap accessible with automatic doors. Staff remotely pushes a button that opens the door for you. That was helpful when carrying baskets / hands full. Lots of TVs to entertain you while waiting. They have vending machines too.

    Donna B. 6/05/2020
  • Tracy Zurowski Avatar

    My dryer broke so I came to Bubbles Laundry Spa to do my laundry. I was hesitant to go to a laundromat to do my laundry with the current Covid-19 pandemic. Bubbles was spotless and inviting. The automatic doors and a charging station were an added bonus!! The owner, Doug, was extremely friendly and provided hand sanitizer for his customers. If I did not have my own washer and dryer at home, I would absolutely travel 2 towns over to do my laundry at Bubbles!!

    Tracy Z. 3/19/2020
  • Darlene Blais Vallee Avatar

    My son came home from college yesterday and well you can just imagine... yup 8 loads of laundry.. 😳decided to try Bubbles Laundry Spa and knock it out in a few hrs instead of 3 days at home..Such a cute place, very clean and owner’s welcome was a pleasant surprise!! I’m not much on using laundromats but I have to say, this place isn’t your typical one... I highly recommend it to everyone!

    Darlene B. 5/10/2019
  • Nicole Fitzsimmons Avatar

    Bubbles is so clean and bright. The decor is train themed. The staff was so friendly and helpful. I was very impressed. First laundry matt that I've ever gone into where I didn't cringe. So CLEAN!!!!!!

    Nicole F. 1/29/2021
  • Daniela Wellington Avatar

    I would highly recommend Bubbles Laundry Spa for their customer service, cleanliness and over all atmosphere.
    I recently used their wash, dry & fold service and am beyond thrilled!! I got a text that my laundry was ready for pickup & all I had to do was put it away! My kind of laundry day!!!
    Give yourself a break and gain more quality family time, let Bubbles Laundry Spa do the work for’ll be thrilled too 😉

    Daniela W. 5/07/2019
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